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Internetworking and Broadband Consulting Co., Ltd. Philippines   is a Philippine based company well-established and experts in the field of software development.

Incorporated on July 02, 2012, it is  located in the capital city of Quezon City.  Among its major operations include the development and sale of software web base, window base, Google Android, Apple iOS,  IT Support, and Consultation in networking.  The software products that the company has developed have been introduced to SME, Local Government and Private Corporation establishments in Philippines.  With official headquarters located on West Avenue, Quezon City, IBC Philippines is also offering the same website streaming services.

Major Operations

Internetworking & Broadband Consulting Co., Ltd. (IBC Philippines) is a company that was engaged in total computing solutions and systems development. The company’s major operations include:

  • Development and sales, support of the network system performance monitoring tool
  • Performance evaluation service of the network system
  • Design, construction and consultation of the network system
  • Sales of various apparatuses and software

Our Skills









Linear Audio Editing


Digital Audio Editing


Atmospheric Branding/Music



The missions of the IBC include:

  • Visualization of the whole ICT services
  • Stable operation promotion of the ICT services
  • Reduction of the monitoring use cost
  • Optimization of the investment cost
  • Cultivating human resources with performance monitoring
  • Construction and optimization of the network infrastructure
  • Promotion of the quality management for the cloud services
  • Prevention and solution of the problem by the performance consulting
  • Prevention of a realization and the opportunity loss of the preventive maintenance on the network system
  • To provide the best customer service and consistent after-sales support.

The company envisions itself to be the best software development provider in the Philippines to be used by all business types.